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ISO 9001 Quality


ISO 9001 was the very first universally recognised management system standard adopted by over one million organisations in one hundred and seventy countries around the world. 

The standard has been successfully implemented organisations large and small, in manufacturing and services in business and public sectors. In industrialised, developing and transitional economies.    

ISO 9001 certification can easily be achieved by any committed, customer focused ethical business ranging from a one person business to multi nationals. 




There are many benefits to be gained; for example:

  • confidence between business partners
  • be a selected supplier in global supply chains
  • satisfy the conditions to tender for procurement contracts
  • be internationally recognised as a quality assured business
  • improved productivity and efficiency, often leading to cost reductions
  • improved consistency of service/product performance and therefore, higher customer satisfaction levels
  • improved perception of the organisations image, culture and performance
  • improved communication, morale & job satisfaction - staff understand what is expected of them and each other 
  • competitive advantage and the potential for increased marketing and sales opportunities.  
Within the European Union (EU), there is a potential marketplace of some 350-400 million people. In America and China the potential is similar and selling to these markets is an extremely competitive business which has meant an increased reliance on internationally agreed quality standards, processes and recommendations in order to gain a foothold in these markets. 

 This is where ISO 9001: 2000 Really proves its worth................ 
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